Frequently Asked Questions

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What is HOPE+?

HOPE+ is a global action center…with connections. You can use your social network to volunteer with your friends, support organizations and projects around the world, or start your own – all on HOPE+.

HOPE+ is about action. We want you to get involved with a project, start a project, volunteer, develop new ideas and do something. Some other sites focus on giving money; we focus on action.

HOPE+ is an innovative, 21st century initiative to unleash the global power of the Internet to tackle the problems of the world. It is super-charged and propelled by the enormous passion, enthusiasm and idealism created by Barack Obama and his call for global service and challenge to "let's go change the world."

What is HOPE+ trying to do or accomplish?

It is about YOU and millions of other people around the world who want to take action and help solve some of the daily problems of hunger, poverty and ill health that many people face every day. HOPE+ is a place for global action – we will provide the online tools, connection and resources for you to positively change the world. There will be dozens of ways that you can get involved and make a difference – donating time, starting projects, organizing your friends to get involved, and developing new ideas to tackle old problems and much, much more.

How is HOPE+ different from other sites?

HOPE+ is a global action center online. On HOPE+ you can use your social networks to take actions, volunteer with your friends, support many different organizations and projects worldwide, start you own projects – all on one site. Our focus is clear and sharp, actions making change happen on the ground to improve people’s lives. Its up to you to decide how you will do this – what issues you are involved with, which projects or groups you support - but we want to provide you the means to act, with the online tools, contacts and resources to make it happen – all on one site.

Who started HOPE+?

The idea for HOPE+ was born among a group of global and grassroots leaders in media, technology and government at The Aspen Institute’s August 2008 FOCAS Conference. The Aspen Institute offered to incubate the project and PoliticsOnline agreed to lead the day-to-day development. It took off from there.

Dozens of people and organizations have joined us and made major contributions and made this project possible. See the Partners & Friends section for more details.

Who runs HOPE+ on a daily basis?

We have put together a first-rate team that manages all the day-to-day operations of HOPE+. Some are full-time, others work part-time. Some are paid, some are volunteers.

Is this a US Government project?

No. HOPE+ is an independent not-for-profit project of the Aspen Institute, being developed by Politics Online. We will work with many different non-profit organizations, NGOs, foundations, faith-based organizations, governments and individuals. Today, HOPE+ is being incubated and supported by The Aspen Institute, an international NGO with the mission to foster values-based leadership, encouraging individuals to reflect on the ideals and ideas that define a good society and to provide a neutral and balanced venue for discussing and acting on critical issues.

How is President Obama connected to the project?

HOPE+ is independent of any political or government leader. However, the founders of HOPE+ were inspired to develop HOPE+ by the words and technology of Obama’s campaign. Obama inspired people to hope and to work to turn their hopes into real-world results – this is the goal of HOPE+.

Although inspired by Obama, HOPE+ is in one sense, really not about him but about the ideas and values that he represents. HOPE+ is for everyone that shares these values—even if you didn't vote for him or are a citizen of another country. We hope and expect that HOPE+ will long outlast any particular person or political movement.

Is HOPE+ connected to Obama’s political organization?

No, we are independent, but we did learn a lot from the campaign. The Obama campaign used the internet and other new technologies and tools to empower people to act in new and different ways. This hope for a better future and empowering people to act is the core of HOPE+.

The HOPE+ site, tools and community are open to everyone. As we develop more tools that open up the site for wider participation, we expect to see many other leaders, sports figures, businesses and community groups use the site to showcase their ideas and projects and we encourage others to get involved.

What will come next on HOPE+?

Every day, as we hear more from you and get your ideas and suggestions, we will be growing and evolving the site. Over the next few months, we will be moving from you about your ideas and inspirations to you to get personally involved, organize your friends and volunteer your time and talents for specific projects.